About Nick the DXer

Welcome to my DX page. I'm Nick Langan and this is the project I have been working on for my Villanova CSC 4797 Capstone class. I am a proud graduate of Villanova's CPS 2020 class!

I've been DXing the FM band since 2005 seriously from Burlington County, NJ. From 2005-2014, I DX'd from Florence. Since July 2014, I have been DX'ing from Tabernacle, NJ. I currently use two Airspy SDRs and an RSP-1 SDR to cover most of the FM band. I utilize an APS-13 antenna. Band conditions in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley have made DX'ing efforts much tougher in recent years, but I do what I still can.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the hobby. Please contact me with any questions.

I am a member of the WTFDA. For more information on FM DX'ing, visit their website.

Watch notable DX clips on YouTube